Coincidence Pizza

Last night, Phillip and I decided to order a pizza delivery. I looked through our collection of restaurant mailers and picked a House Special from Padrino’s. That sounded good to Phillip, too.

Phillip called the restaurant. The phone rang twice, then disconnected. So he called back, and someone answered. He ordered a large House Special, with extra black olives, and told them we had a coupon for $3 off.

Sooner than we expected, our phone rang. I answered it. “Pizza delivery,” the guy said.

I ran downstairs with cash and the coupon. The delivery guy was holding a pizza box from Amante. I was confused. I asked if it was for Phillip. It was, said the delivery guy, and quoted the price, which was exactly the same as what Phillip had been given over the phone. I gave him the money and the coupon, and he gave me the pizza. I wished him a good night, and he left.

Everything added up – mostly – but I still had the feeling that I’d bought someone else’s pizza. We’d ordered from Padrino’s and an Amante pizza arrived, sooner than expected. I examined the receipt. It had Phillip’s name, and our address. It listed a large House Special, and the request for extra black olives.

I walked into the apartment, and asked Phillip how we ended up with an Amante pizza. He was as shocked as I was. It was a mystery for about five minutes.

Then Phillip figured it out. Or, at least, he came up with a believable theory. When he was disconnected from Padrino’s, he dialed back the number from memory. Only, he was remembering Amante’s number. We’ve ordered from Amante several times in the past, and Phillip has a talent for remembering phone numbers.

Of course, every pizza restaurant has a House Special, so the person who took our order wouldn’t have noticed anything odd. I’m sure that, eventually, someone noticed that we’d given them a $3 off coupon from Padrino’s. They probably didn’t mind.

Amante – the one we’ve typically ordered from – used to be a few blocks away from us, at the corner of Olive and Denny. That one closed very recently, with the building scheduled to become a marijuana shop. There are other Amante restaurants around town.

As I started to write this post, I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant we thought we were ordering from. I always think of it as “the one with the ugly logo”. (Sorry, Padrino’s!) So, I did an internet search for pizza deliveries on Capitol Hill. I found the name, and also where they’re located – which I’d never known before, since we’d only ever ordered delivery.

Padrino’s Pizza & Pasta is located on 10th Avenue East, at the very northern end of Capitol Hill – in the same building as an Amante Pizza & Pasta.

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