Con Day 1

Phillip and I drove down to NorWesCon this morning. Registration opened early and the line to get our badges was short. Phillip had expected, based on past experiences, that we’d have to wait until mid-afternoon for our hotel room to become available. Our room was available right away.

Really, that was the reason I didn’t want to do the whole four days last year – all that waiting around for things to get going on the first day. Being able to get badged up, checked in, and settled down right away lightened my mood quite a bit. I’m looking forward to the next three days.

Phillip went off to do the work he’d volunteered for, so, as usual, I was mostly on my own for the day. I’d downloaded the Guidebook app, so I had all the convention information in my back pocket, with automatic reminders of when events I was interested in were coming up. (Yea, smartphones!)

I spent most of the day at the film festival, watching fan-made films of varying quality. I took a break from the festival, walked around the convention a while, got some lunch, and returned for more films. I found Elizabeth Guizzetti’s table and told her that I wish she’d post more book reviews to her YouTube channel. (She was shocked that anyone actually watched her videos.)

It’s late afternoon, and there are parties tonight.

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