Con Day 3

Phillip and I went to a burlesque show last night. Because we’re friends with the producers, we received front row, reserved seats – that’s very important, because it was a huge, well attended event.

It was a great show. I enjoyed it a lot.

After the burlesque show, we went back to our hotel room briefly, before seeking out a party to attend. It was in the hotel room that Phillip discovered that he’d lost the majority of his badge ribbons. (Ribbons do fall off sometimes.) Before the show, his ribbons hung down to his knees, and included a much sought-after complete collection of all six Skittles ribbons. Maybe five or six ribbons remained. Every one of his Skittles ribbons was gone. It was, Phillip had said earlier in the day, possibly the most ribbons he’d ever collected.

We retraced our steps back to the venue. A couple of people remembered seeing some ribbons on the chair where Phillip had been sitting. The ribbons were no longer there. We looked around, talked to staff members, texted friends, but we eventually had to give up.

Phillip told me that he wasn’t going to let some ribbons ruin his evening. It did effect our moods, however.

We went to a couple of parties last night. The first was non-alcoholic – a nice buffet and some punch. The next one had the only license to serve alcohol in the entire convention. Surprisingly, the room was not too crowded.

We showed our ID at the door, and got a wrist band. Once inside, we bought tickets which could be used to buy drinks. Signs posted around the room said that marijuana, in any form, was forbidden.

I bought three tickets, stopped after two drinks (they were strong), and considered the third ticket a contribution to the hosts.

This morning, Phillip left for his convention duties. A little later, I set out for the convention.

I caught the last half of a reading by Carrie Vaughn. Immediately afterwards, I attended a reading by Meg Elison.

Before she began, Meg Elison explained to us that she was going to be splitting her time with Mur Lafferty, who had been unable to get a space on the schedule. So, we got treated to two fifteen-minute readings.

Immediately after the Meg Elison/Mur Lafferty reading, I attended a reading by Curtis C. Chen, who had helped Tina Connolly with her reading yesterday.

I then went to the Dealers Room and bought The Girl and the Clockwork Crossfire (the third book in the “Clockwork Enterprises” trilogy) at Nikki McComack’s booth. I told her that I’d enjoyed the first two books, and had given them positive reviews on my blog – which, of course, she was pleased to hear. You can find my reviews here and here.

Also in the Dealers Room, I found the Elliott Bay Book Company table where I bought Waypoint Kangaroo, by Curtis C. Chen (whose reading I’d just attended). The sequel, Kangaroo Two, was also there. I was tempted, but, mainly because it was a hardcover, I decided to wait on it.

An interesting thing about Curtis C. Chen’s reading is that he told us that his books are available at the Seattle Public Library. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an author say that at a reading before.

I dropped my new books off at our hotel room. Then I went to find some lunch. I ran into Phillip along the way. He was heading to the hotel room, so I followed him back. Along the way, we spotted all six Skittles in the hallway, preparing for a photo shoot. We decided to hang out a bit, and maybe get replacements for Phillip’s lost Skittles ribbons. It became obvious that the photo shoot was going to be a lengthy one, so we returned to the hotel room without replacement ribbons.

We chilled out a while, then I went to get some lunch, and Phillip returned to his duties.

After lunch, I attended a panel discussion named “Star Wars’ Ever-Expanding Universe” and a panel discussion named “Created Languages”.

Last year, I was feeling burned out on NorWesCon. I felt like I was spending too much of the convention in a quiet corner of the hotel, reading a book. I decided to go for just one day. (I ended up skipping that one day, because of a Black Lives Matter rally.)

This year, I feel that skipping last year was the break I needed, that I was feeling burned out, and that it was a sign to step back. This year, I’m feeling a lot better. I feel happy to be here at the convention. I’ve decided that there’s nothing wrong with taking breaks from the convention, finding those quiet places, and reading a book for a while.