Saturday Plans And Otherwise

Today was Writers’ Group. There was also a lunch planned with friends in Everett. I planned to go to the former, even though I hadn’t written anything. Phillip planned to go to the lunch.

Then Kelly needed us. I called Barbara this morning, and explained that I wouldn’t be at Writers’ Group.

Phillip and I drove to Everett. It was raining. Traffic was moving no faster than 25 MPH from Capitol Hill to Northgate. We were late picking up Kelly and her mom.

Lunch was at The New Mexicans, in Downtown Everett. Seated around the table was Brian, Joe, Jason, Daniel, me, Kelly’s mom, Kelly, and Phillip. Food was amazing. Lunch was fun.

We drove Kelly and her mom home. Afterwards, Phillip drove us home. It was still raining, and the WSDOT app on my phone was showing red on I-5 most of the way home. So, we took surface streets home from Everett to Capitol Hill.

When we got home, we took naps because we plan to be out late tonight.

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