Late Night Entertainment

Last night, after our naps, Phillip and I went out to see the Boylesque Festival at The Triple Door. Proceeds from the show benefited Burlycon.

The 47 stopped running at 7:00. Both the 10 and Link light rail were running every ten minutes, and both would get us about a block from The Triple Door. We chose the 10.

It had been pouring down rain during the day, but when we set out last night, it was just a drizzle.

We got to the bus stop on Olive Way. OneBusAway told us we had an 8 minute wait for the next 10 bus. That was fine. We’d allowed ourselves plenty of time.

The bus arrived 8 minutes later. As it was pulling into the stop, some guy, probably high on something, came out of Starbucks, nearly ran into me, nearly ran into Phillip, and stepped off the curb, inches in front of the still-moving bus. Fortunately, the bus stopped in time. Someone, possibly Phillip, told him to watch out. He turned around, said something along the lines of “ah, the bus’ll stop”, and kept walking across busy Olive Way without waiting for traffic to clear.

As I boarded the bus, the driver said to me, “Did you see that?!” I replied, “Yeah, I’m glad your brakes work.”

Boarding the bus with us was a guy pushing an office chair. Balanced on top of the office chair was a plastic case, like you’d file papers in. Balanced on top of the plastic case was a wicker case. (It didn’t occur to me until now, as I’m writing this post, that his belongings fit an office theme. He wasn’t dressed like someone who works in an office.) The bus driver waited patiently while he transferred his precarious belongings on the bus. The driver of that 10 was awesome.

There was a sociably vocal fellow on the bus who kept commenting on people and things. He did it in a friendly way, but he didn’t seem to want to actually engage anyone in a conversation. He speculated on what was inside that wicker case. (He didn’t get an answer.) He told Phillip and me that we look like twins. (We told him we took that as a complement.)

We got to The Triple Door a half hour before the doors opened. We had reserved seats. We had some drinks in the lounge while we waited.

We had counter top seating. (I forgot the exact term, but we were sitting at a counter, as opposed to a table.) Here’s the weird thing: When we bought our tickets online, we were sure our seats were on an aisle. We both remember that. Yet, our seats ended up in the middle of the row. There was no mistake. Our seat numbers matched our tickets. We had great seats. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a mystery.

During the show, we ordered more drinks. I ordered a lamb dinner. Phillip ordered stuffed chicken. It was an expensive night, but worth it.

fire dancersAt the beginning of the show, the MC told us that photography, as well as video, was allowed, as long as we didn’t use a flash. There was an audible reaction from the audience. Allowing photography at a burlesque (or boylesque) show is unusual.

The show was awesome, with many acts and a lot of variety. My favorites, in no particular order, were the fire dancers, the juggler, the tribute to African culture, and the trapeze act.

It was a well produced, polished show. My only quibble was that I wished the MC had a better microphone – that it was at least as good as the juggler’s mic.

There were craft booths during intermission. Phillip bought us each a set of cuff links. (Neither one of us has a shirt we can us them on, but we were supporting the arts.) There were raffle tickets, of course (it was a benefit show), but we didn’t win anything.

We got out of The Triple Door at 1 AM. OneBusAway told us that there were no arrivals at University Street Station for the next hour and 30 minutes – which I think was its way of telling us the transit tunnel was closed for the night. It told us a 49 bus would be arriving at 4th & Pike in 4 minutes. That was a block and a half away, and we made it in time without running.

The 49 was a sleeper coach, with a lot of street people using it as a warm, dry, safe place to get some sleep. That’s a very good idea, I think.

Phillip and I played Pokémon Go on our ride home. For the first time in (I don’t know when) Pokémon Go worked on a moving bus. Sure, I got the occasional notice that I was moving too fast, and I’d have to tell it that I was a passenger, but I was able to grab several Pokéstops and catch a few Pokémon. It never works on my weekday rides home on the 47, although I keep trying.

We exited the 49 on Broadway, and walked home. We have no firm plans for today, so we both slept late.

Last night was a whole lot of fun.

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