My Favorite Pedestrian Tunnel

Phillip and I met up after work this evening, to see A Quiet Place at the Regal 16.

Phillip rode the 49 bus from work to the theater. I walked to the theater from my office.

For me, it was an opportunity to walk through my favorite pedestrian tunnel. This tunnel goes from Rainier Tower, on 4th Avenue, to Union Square, between 6th and 7th Avenues. Along the way, there are displays of Seattle History, a food court, and one of the Cobb Building’s “Terracotta Indians”. It’s a pleasant and easy way to cover two and a half blocks of Downtown Seattle.

ped tunnel

The problem, I knew, was that there’s a skyscraper under construction next door to Rainier Tower. Most, if not all, of the Rainier Plaza shopping center is gone. It may not even be possible to get to the tunnel through Rainier Tower anymore.

I got to Rainier Tower. The entrance on 4th Avenue was gone, and so was the entrance on University Street. There were people coming down some stairs that probably led into the building, and the 5th Avenue entrance was certainly still open. But I didn’t take the time to investigate.

I knew there are ways into the tunnel from other buildings, and from at least one hotel, but I wasn’t sure where they are. Someday, I’ll investigate the tunnel more, but I didn’t this evening.

I crossed 5th Avenue, intending to walk the sidewalks to the movie theater. There, next door to The 5th Avenue Theater, I found an entrance into tunnel food court, and, of course, into the tunnel.

I got to the Regal 16 a few minutes before Phillip.

A Quiet Place was an excellent movie. It was well photographed, well directed, well acted, and scary as hell.

We decided to catch a 10 bus home, rather than wait another five minutes for the 47.

Catching the 10, and exiting on the other side of Olive Way, gave Phillip the idea to stop into Hillcrest Market to get two orders of chicken yakisobi, to go, for our dinner.

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