Books And Shows And Games

During my light rail ride from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill, yesterday evening, I read more of The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold. When the train arrived at Capitol Hill, I was within 50 ePages of finishing the book.

I walked to the Capitol Hill Library, where a book I had on hold had come in unexpectedly soon.  It just happened to be a quirky road trip book similar to the quirky road trip book I was almost finished with.

I came home and watched two more episodes of Game of Thrones, Season 7.

Phillip went to bed unusually early. I resumed the download of Life is Strange while I finished reading The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold.

We have acquired quite a games library in our Steam account. Some games we bought through Humble Bundle specials. Some games were game key gifts from friends. Some games were bought on Steam discount sales. They sit in our account library until we’re in the mood for a new game, and then we download something.

Lumino City was a Valentine’s gift to me from Phillip. I finished it a week or two ago, and uninstalled it. I enjoyed the game. It was beautifully designed. The puzzles were challenging, but not unreasonably difficult. I had to resort to a cheat on one puzzle, only to discover that I had the solution – I had merely misunderstood the puzzle. So, it was time to try a new game.

Life is Strange was a game key gift. Neither one of us knows what the game is about, yet. It seems to be a story/puzzle/adventure game, but we’re not sure. It’s a huge download. I’ve been downloading it whenever the computer is free – a few minutes here, an hour there. That’s the beauty of Steam – you can stop a download at any point, and it’ll resume right where you left off the next time you start it up.

I finished reading The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold, stopped the Life is Strange download, finished my blog post book review, uploaded the post, returned the eBook to the library, and then resumed the download.

It was only 9:00, or so. I watched another episode of Game of Thrones. That brought me to Episode 5, and there are only seven episodes in the season. So it’s possible that I may complete Season 7 tonight.

I decided to leave the download going when I went to bed last night. I stuck a Post-It note to the computer monitor, telling Phillip that if he gets up later tonight, and wants to use the computer, to go ahead and stop the download.

When I got up this morning, I was surprised to find the Post-It note still on the monitor. The Life is Strange download had finished. I’ll have a new game to discover tonight, so it’s possible that I won’t finish Game of Thrones, Season 7 tonight.

On the ride from Westlake to Pioneer Square this morning, I shared a train car with the Husky Women’s Beach Volleyball team, and all their luggage. (The internet tells me there’s a Pac-12 tournament in Stanford, California.)

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