Dining Out

This evening, Phillip and I participated in Dine Out For Life, as we do every year. A portion of the sales from participating restaurants benefit Lifelong AIDS Alliance.

We went to Roosters, on Broadway, which was donating 30% of its sales (including alcohol!). So, we racked up a sizeable bill, had a good meal, and got slightly buzzed. Plus we made a direct cash contribution in the envelopes provided by the Lifelong volunteers.

Meanwhile, the weather in Seattle is turning from warm to hot. So, of course, this is the time for our living room fan to start acting up. It’s working, for now, but it takes minutes for the blades to start turning after we switch it on. Soon, I suspect, it’ll just not turn at all.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying our new game, Life is Strange, even though I haven’t yet got the hang of it.

Life is Strange is a multiple-choice adventure game with nice graphics that remind me a bit of The Sims.

The game puts the player in the role of an unpopular young woman named Max. She grew up in Arcadia, Oregon. Her family moved to Seattle for a while. Now she’s back in Arcadia, where she’s going to school to learn photography.

At various points in the story, Max faces a choice of which action to take. Actions, the game reminds us, have consequences.

Here’s the game’s twist: Max suddenly discovers that she has the ability to rewind time. If an action doesn’t have the desired effect, Max can go back in time and try something else, using the knowledge she gained. It’s a fascinating element of gameplay I’ve never seen before.

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