Comics And Games

I had to pay rent on the storage unit this evening. I prefer to do that in person. Phillip asked me if, since I was in the area, I’d mind stopping into Phoenix Comics & Games and seeing if they were holding anything for him.

Of course, I didn’t mind. Phillip didn’t know this, but I’d planned on stopping into Phoenix anyway. Eternity Girl #2 came out earlier this month.

Phillip had a couple of comics on hold. But they weren’t more issues of Squirrel Girl, as I’d expected. (I had thought it was kind of funny that I was picking up girls at the comic book store.) Instead, they were two issues of something called Venomized. I didn’t remember seeing Phillip reading this series before, and the covers didn’t look like Phillip’s style – except for the fact that they were issued by Marvel. I thought, briefly, about asking the owner if he’d given me the right comics. But, I trust him, and Phillip does love most things Marvel, so I bought them.

I figured that if I were the wrong comics, we do know people who would enjoy them as gifts.

But, Phillip actually was expecting two issues of Vemonized. So there.

Meanwhile, I’d been trying to figure out how to make a screenshot of Life is Strange. I do love my screenshots. Making a screenshot of Life is Strange isn’t as important as games where I’m actually creating something I want to show off – like The Sims 4 or Cities: Skylines. Still, Life is Strange is a visually beautiful game, and a screenshot might come in handy for a blog post someday.

Because it’s a Steam game, pressing F12 should make a screenshot. That worked in Kerbal Space Program and Cities: Skylines. But it hadn’t worked in Life is Strange. Internet searches led me to forums where people have been told to press the F12 key. I searched around my Steam settings, but couldn’t find anything out of place.

Then, tonight, something obvious occurred to me. The Function Lock on our keyboard was off. I’d been looking for a software solution, and it was a hardware issue. I turned Function Lock back on, and now I have screenshots whenever I press F12.

Chloe and Max

The graphics of this game are realistic, but more like a painting than a photograph.

I am loving this game. It’s a puzzle-solving game, and the puzzles, so far, haven’t been too difficult. But they haven’t always been easy, either. And, since the game is frequently reminding me that actions have consequences, I have a feeling that once the game is over, I can go back later, make different choices, and find a different story.

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