Fan On The Bus II: The Fan At Home

So, it turned out that I bought the wrong fan.

Phillip had sent me a text message yesterday, telling me about a fan that Target had in stock. I replied that I couldn’t pick it up that day, because I needed to go to the storage unit to pay rent. What I didn’t understand was that Phillip was asking me to get that specific fan. I thought he was telling me that Target had fans in stock.

I didn’t tell Phillip I was stopping into Target today.

When I got home today, Phillip was taking a nap. I put the fan together, and turned it on. I couldn’t put it where the old fan was, because it was behind the couch. The old fan is the type with a rotating vertical fan on top of a pole. It was tall enough to fit behind the couch. The new one is a tower type, too low to the ground to sit behind a couch.

Phillip got up, looked at the new fan, and asked where the remote is. It doesn’t have one, I replied. The one I texted you about did, he replied.

Our new fan is nice, with lots of buttons to push. But it doesn’t have a remote.

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