Fan On The Bus

I stopped off at the Downtown Post Office, on 3rd Ave, on my way home today, and bought stamps.

Then I walked over to Target, on 2nd Ave, and went shopping for a fan.

Our current living room fan is dying. Not only is it taking minutes for the blades to start turning, but the blades will occasionally stop turning while the fan’s in use. We’ll be sitting at the computer, and begin to wonder why the apartment is so much warmer. Then we’ll turn around and see the fan had stopped turning. If we change the speed, up or down, it usually starts turning after several minutes.

It was a cheap fan that we bought on sale at Rite Aid. Actually, it was the second fan we bought at Rite Aid – we had to return the first one because it was broken right out of the box. It served us a few years.

The one good thing about that fan is that it came with a remote control. We don’t have to walk across our tiny living room to turn it on.


Whether or not I bought a fan at Target today depended on the size of the box it came it. Would I be able to carry it home on a bus?

I found a fan that looked nice. I carried up the aisle, then back again. I was satisfied that it was portable enough, so I carried it downstairs to the Check Out and bought it.

It was pretty much essential that I caught a 47 home today. I had no problem carrying the fan box under my arm, but I didn’t feel like carrying it too many blocks. I carried the fan up to 4th Avenue. At 47 arrived in 4 minutes.

Walking onto the bus with a fan box under my arm reminded me very much of a book I’m reading (which I’ll reveal soon).

Several of my coworkers were concerned about getting home today, with May Day parades scheduled Downtown. I found exactly the opposite was true. The streets were clearer than usual. The 70 I caught up 3rd Avenue actually made it through three consecutive green lights. I’m guessing the demonstrations must be in another part of town.

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