The Sims 4 Is A Weird Game, Part 3

The Sims 4 has some beautiful kitchen counters and cabinets. You can build a variety of kitchen layouts and styles. Sims can’t actually open the drawers, but that’s all right with me. It’s only a game, with the limitations that come with a computer game.

Traditional Kitchen

Ah, the country life!

Modern Kitchen

Ah, the city life!

But it’s probably a good thing that Sims can’t open drawers, because most of the kitchen islands have the drawers on the wrong side.

Backwards 1

Backwards 2

If a Sim needed to retrieve anything from an island drawer, they’d have to first ask the Sim sitting there to get up, and then they’d have to move the stool out of the way. And if they needed to retrieve anything from the top drawer, they’d have to pull the drawer all the way out to clear the island’s overhang.

The Tall Order, Modern Victorian, and S. Cargeaux kitchen island styles avoid the problem by not having drawers on either side.

The Aughts and the VAULT kitchen island styles are the only two with drawers on the correct side. Guests can sit on at the island, chatting away with the host Sim while they cook dinner, and not have to worry about being in the way.

The Aughts


But it’s only a game.

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