Nice Trek Up The Hill

It was a beautiful day in Seattle today – sunny, and in the 70s. I walked up the hill to Writers’ Group. It seemed like everyone on Capitol Hill was out and about. There were people at sidewalk restaurant tables, enjoying food, drinks, and the day.

I brought back-to-back blog posts of my reviews of The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold and Round Ireland With a Fridge to read – not because I hadn’t been inspired to write anything else, but because I liked the posts. I knew that Mariah, and anyone else who reads my blog, had already read them. But I brought them anyway.

Writers’ Group was Barbara and Russ and me. We had sandwiches and talked. We read and talked and talked. It was a fun afternoon, as always.

Afterwards, I walked up to 15th Ave to catch a 10 bus home. It was still a beautiful day, but I felt like a bus ride home. I stopped into Caffe Ladro for an iced latte, and missed a 10 bus. The next one arrived 11 minutes later.

I rode the 10 down the hill and walked home from there. I was surprised that there weren’t any gardeners working in the P-patch.

I came home and lazed around for most of the rest of the day.

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