Mac And Cheese And My Hat

I woke up this morning with a headache that wouldn’t go away.

When Phillip and I drove to the U District, and walked to the University District Street Fair, I still had my headache.

Even after a latte at Bulldog News, I still had my headache.

The weather was pleasant. It was overcast, a little muggy, but not too hot. The predicted rain didn’t happen – at least, not at the fair. The Street Fair was considerably smaller than in previous years. There were gaps in the booth spaces. The parking lot at the teriyaki place had no booths at all. The parking lot at the Vision Center was only half taken up with booths. It was a little disappointing and sad, actually.

Street Fair 2018

I can never get a satisfying photo of the Street Fair

We stopped at a food truck and had mac & cheese for lunch. I had lobster mac & cheese, and Phillip had deep-fried mac & cheese.

We’d allowed ourselves three hours at the Street Fair. We had tickets to the 1:30 showing of Deadpool 2 at the formerly wonderful Sundance Theater, now the merely fine AMC Seattle 10. We ended up with too much time on our hands. We browsed through Gargoyle and the University Book Store. Then we walked to the theater, much too early.

At least AMC hadn’t gotten rid of the upstairs lounge. I don’t think the fireplace or the upstairs bar are used anymore, but the couches are still there. Phillip and I went upstairs and played on our phones.

At 1:00, we went downstairs and Phillip showed his phone-tickets to the ticket person. She directed us to Theater 1.

We walked in, the lights were out, and they were already showing previews. We found our reserved seats and sat down. Phillip left immediately to get refreshments.

Then I realized I wasn’t watching previews – it was the end of the previous show. We’d been allowed in too soon. I didn’t see enough to spoil anything, however.

Phillip got back as the credits were rolling. I wonder what the people around us thought we were doing.

The credits ended, and everyone but us left. A staff member came in and asked us, politely, to leave so she could clean the aisles. We found a couple of seats just outside of Theater 1.

Eventually, we were allowed back in, and we enjoyed the movie. (I still had my headache, though.) Sometime during the show, I began to wonder where my hat was. It wasn’t inside my bag, it wasn’t in my lap, it wasn’t on the armrest, and I couldn’t feel in on the floor. It wasn’t on my head, either.

The credits rolled a second time, and the lights came on. I told Phillip I couldn’t find my hat. We looked around our seats. I looked around the chairs outside of Theater 1. I looked around the couch upstairs.

There wasn’t anything special about the cap I’d been wearing. If it was lost, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I asked at the front desk. The staff member there said that she didn’t know of any lost hats being turned in, and then asked the ticket person to go look for it. She asked us what seats we were in – then, on her second thought, told us to go ahead and look for it ourselves.

The same staff member was there, cleaning the aisles. She had found a hat, and had given it to Andrew, at the front desk. She obviously didn’t remember that she’d kicked us out of the previous show, because she mentioned that Andrew wasn’t on the front desk shift anymore. She was a little confused about the time frame. I said that we’d come in early for the show, and that apparently didn’t bring back the memory for her. She left to go find Andrew, and we walked out to the lobby.

As soon as we got to the lobby, the cleaning staff member had talked to Andrew, and had found where he’d left my hat.

The AMC Seattle 10 may not be as nice as the Sundance was, but the staff is still awesome.

We walked back to our car, with my hat on my head, we drove home, and I took a nap.

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