An Advertisement

We’ve had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly for as long as Phillip and I have been together. I think Phillip got it as a package deal, or something. I’ve never seen him read it. I used to read it from cover to cover as soon as it arrived in our mailbox. It was my guilty pleasure. It was entertaining.

Then something changed in my life. I begin to lose interest in it. It would arrive, I’d set it aside, and maybe glance though it later. Quite some time ago, I decided to let the subscription run out. We toss the subscription renewal notices in the recycling bin. But the magazine keeps arriving. It’s a mystery. (No, neither one of us has an automatic renewal set up.) But that’s another story.

The reason for this post is that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly arrived yesterday. I set it aside, and glanced at it today. I didn’t recognize the women on the cover. Then I realized that the entire front cover of Entertainment Weekly is nothing but an advertisement for Dove soap. (The advertisement cover can be peeled off to reveal a “real” cover.) This is where advertisements have reached today, where they take over the entire cover of a magazine. Advertisements no longer sponsor a magazine – the advertisement is the magazine.


Of course, it can be argued that every cover of Entertainment Weekly is an advertisement for some TV show or movie. But, at least, it’s advertising an informative article about a TV show or movie – a reason to buy the magazine. This is just an advertisement.

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