Bicycle Maintenance

A guy came walking down Bellevue Avenue this morning. He was carrying something black and rectangular by its handle. Whatever he was carrying was too small to be a suitcase, and the wrong shape for a violin case.

He stopped at a Lime-E bike, parked just past the bus stop. He set the black something down and scanned the bike with his phone. He unlocked the bike and touched something on his phone. Then he pulled the bike’s battery out and replaced it with the battery he’d been carrying down Bellevue Avenue.

He was giving the bike a checkup. He spun the wheels, tested the brakes, inspected the tires, and so on. At each step, he’d touch his phone, which kept making beeping noises not unlike a digital watch from the 1980s.

Finally, he set the replaced battery in the bike’s basket, and rode the bike back up Bellevue.

Back in the days of Pronto! bike share, a panel truck would stop at a docking station. Then somebody would take bikes from the station, place them in the back of the truck, and take other bikes from the truck and dock them. This morning was the first time I’d seen how maintenance is done on a dockless share bike.

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