Not Feeding Squirrels

I left for work through the back of our apartment building this morning, because I had to drop some food scraps in the compost bin.

There was a squirrel out in the alleyway, near the garage gate. Squirrel was eyeing me from under the gate. I knew, of course, that Squirrel was interested in the food scraps in my hand, and not me. The food was mostly spicy fish, not suitable for a squirrel diet, so unfortunately, it was going into the compost bin. I felt sorry for Squirrel.

As I approached the bin, which was to one side of the gate, Squirrel was pacing slowly along the edge of the gate, always keeping an eye on me. Squirrel could have easily walked through the gap under the gate, but was smart enough to keep the gate between us.

I dropped the scraps into the compost bin and closed the lid tightly. (I felt guilty, but it was for your own good, Squirrel.)

I exited through the pedestrian door and out into the alleyway. As I passed the gate, I looked in through the mesh and saw that Squirrel was already inside, looking around for breakfast.

I walked on to the bus stop. I need to start carrying squirrel food with me.

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