The Problem With Library Books

I started work early this morning, and left work early. Then I rode Link light rail up to Capitol Hill Station.

Then I started walking toward my chiropractor’s office.

There were dozens of fire trucks and aid trucks blocking the street in front of Twice Sold Tales. They were lined up all the way to Seattle College. There were no signs of smoke or flames.

The chiropractor office staff were saying that their phones have been out intermittently all day. A patient suggested that it might have something to do with whatever was going on at Harvard Avenue.

After my chiropractor appointment, I walked over to Rite Aid to buy some shampoo and toothpaste. There was a line at the registers, so a second cashier arrived.

The second cashier called me forward, and then had trouble logging into the cash register. The fingerprint reader wouldn’t read her fingerprint. I suggested that it might have something to do with the fire trucks on Harvard Avenue and the phones at my chiropractor’s office.

(The Capitol Hill Blog reports that there was a fire at the electrical vault at Harvard and Olive.)

(I’m writing the rest of this post on my phone, because our internet just went down.)

The first cashier called me over and rang up my shampoo and toothpaste. Then I walked over to the library and picked up a hold.

The library book is a brand new hardcover with the reflective clear plastic cover which makes it nearly impossible to photograph for a blog post. Photos end up either washed out by every light in the area or with a reflection of me holding a phone right smack in the middle of the book cover.

I’ve run across this problem before, many times, of course during the Reading Challenges. The solution is creative angles or light-blocking items placed nearby. I’ll figure it out.

The other solution is to capture an image off the internet. For this book, however, an image search turns up just six pictures of the cover, and they’re all too small, too pixelated, or both.

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