A Route Not Often Taken

Yesterday, Phillip and I drove to The Crest to see the $4 showing of Isle of Dogs. Phillip drove and I navigated.

We got a late start, getting out of the apartment, because we were both thinking of freeway travel time. However, WSDOT showed I-5 as a solid red line, in both directions, all the way to Northgate. Plus, we knew that graduation ceremonies were taking place, so we wanted to avoid surface streets anywhere near Hec Ed Pavilion (or whatever its corporate sponsor name is these days).

WSDOT showed 15th Avenue looking clear, however.

As we drove up 15th Avenue, Phillip asked me, “Why don’t we ever take this way?” (We had gone that way before – it’s how we got to the Shoreline Library the day we got our King County Library cards – but not often.)

I didn’t know the answer at first, so I stalled for time. “This is a great route, isn’t it? It’s not as fast as the freeway, but it’s direct, and the traffic lights aren’t too bad.”

As we approached Hamlin Park, the answer came to me. “One reason is that it was only recently that I learned which intersection takes us directly to The Crest.”

And, right after that, I directed Phillip to turn at the wrong intersection. We had to do some backtracking. We don’t know the Ridgecrest neighborhood well. It’s a residential area, with a sort of rectangular grid pattern, but with not many through streets. We found our way to The Crest, however. We got to the movie just in time. Phillip parked the car while I bought tickets. We found seats about a minute before the previews started.

I think we both loved Isle of Dogs. Phillip is not as big of a Wes Anderson fan as I am, and, I learned after the movie, my favorite Anderson film – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – is also Phillip’s least favorite. Isle of Dogs may now be up there as one of my favorites.

I drove us home. Phillip had parked in a spot we don’t normally park in, and I had to drive through Ridgecrest, taking a few wrong turns, to get us back to 15th Avenue. But we made it home.

This morning, Kelly came over and the three of us took a joy ride on Link light rail. Kelly had never ridden Link before.

Kelly and Phillip and I walked from our apartment to Capitol Hill Station. Neither Kelly nor Phillip had ever used a Link ticket machine before, and it was only my second time.

It’s a little confusing, picking a destination, and then selecting that you want an all-day pass. (Does the price of an all-day pass vary? There’s not much information out there.)

We rode from Capitol Hill Station to Beacon Hill Station. Then, on impulse, we decided to hop off the train and show Kelly the pretty underground station. Then, on a second impulse, we went up to the surface to explore Plaza Roberto Maestras.

It was pouring down rain, the wind was blowing, and it was cold, so we didn’t stay long before returning to the Beacon Hill Station platform.

We boarded a southbound train and exited at Seatac Airport Station. We used the bathrooms and boarded a northbound train.

We exited at International District/Chinatown Station. The sun had come out. The rain turned to an occasional raindrop. It had turned into a pleasant afternoon.

At Kelly’s recommendation, we had lunch at Kau Kau. (Kelly highly recommends the BBQ pork, and it’s a good recommendation.)

After lunch, Phillip and Kelly wanted to go to Uwajimaya. I lead us to the entrance on the corner, which leads into the Kinokuniya book store, which connects to Uwajimaya. The sign on the door said they were closed. So, I lead us down the block to the main Uwajimaya entrance. Kelly grabbed a shopping cart.

After wandering around the grocery store for a while, I asked, “So, what are we looking for?”

Phillip: “I don’t know. You were the one who brought us into the produce.”

Me: “Only because the bookstore was closed. Kelly, what are we looking for?”

Kelly: “I’m only following you guys.”

So, we head over to the housewares section, which is what Kelly and Phillip had in mind when they brought up Uwajimaya. Kelly bought a ceramic knife, and some other things.

Then we walked into Kinokuniya, which wasn’t closed after all. (Maybe just that entrance was closed?) Kelly bought some things there, too. I was in more of a shopping mood than a buying mood and, apparently, so was Phillip.

We stopped into Starbucks, where Kelly introduced me to their Nitro Cold Brew. (Yum!)

We returned to the International District/Chinatown Station platform and stepped off the elevator just as a train arrived. (We had amazing luck with train arrivals all day.)

We exited at Capitol Hill Station and introduced Kelly to Rocket Fizz. Again, she was the only one who bought anything.

We walked to our apartment, and then Kelly returned home.

We’re all exhausted, but, as Kelly says, it’s a good kind of exhaustion.



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