Comic In The Mail

Last week, I stopped into Phoenix Comics & Games, on my way home from work. I had thought that Eternity Girl #4 had come out a day or two before.

Eternity Girl #5 was on the shelf. I asked the staff about #4, which I couldn’t find. They told me #4 had sold out almost immediately. It was on order, but the publisher hadn’t given any word when, or if, new shipments were coming.

(In hindsight, I think I’d misread the date on the DC website, mistaking “June” for “July”.)

Eternity Girl 4I bought Eternity Girl #5, and brought it home.

(Eternity Girl is a six-issue story. The final issue is due next month. I double-checked.)

I searched online for Eternity Girl #4. I found a store named Dee Puppy Comics, in Indianapolis, that had one copy left. I ordered it. The estimated delivery date was between yesterday and next Tuesday.

My comic book arrived today. I don’t know anything about Dee Puppy Comics, except for the fact that they have excellent packing skills.

The comic was inside a plastic sleeve, with a piece of thin cardboard inside. The plastic sleeve was firmly taped to a piece of box-thickness cardboard. The whole thing was inside a taped-shut manila envelope, exactly the right size.

It was exactly the right amount of packing material. Eternity Girl #4 arrived in pristine shape. I’m very pleased.

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