He Read My Blog

I was on the computer last night, writing a blog post, or watching YouTube videos, or reading other people’s blog posts, or something. Phillip was on the couch, reading something on his phone.

“I think Erika is right,” said Phillip.

Instead of asking who Erika is, I asked him, “Right about what?”

“Kirsten should move in with her,” he answered.

I realized, after a moment or two, that Phillip was reading my blog, specifically the post named “Couples“.

I finished up whatever I was doing, and started The Sims 4. After the free update/bug fix downloaded and installed, I went directly to Kirsten Behr-Downing’s penthouse.

I had Kirsten take down all of her photos down from the wall, and put them into her inventory. I sold her video station (because it seemed like the right thing to do), left all the rest of the furniture in the penthouse, and then, at 3 o’clock in the morning, Kirsten and Nacho the cat moved in with Erika Hasegawa and her mothers.

Kirsten moved into Erika’s basement bedroom, of course. Emile Chisholm and Ashton James kept their first floor bedroom. The furniture in the upstairs bedroom was sold, and the room was converted into Kirsten’s studio with a new video station.

It’s a tiny house, despite its three floors, with not much space to spare. Poor Nacho’s food dish and litter box had to be put into the laundry room/store room/music studio/exercise room in the basement. Her bed was placed on the third floor in the painting/reading/computer room. There are plans to add an extra room to the basement, just for Nacho.

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