The Sims 4 Is A Weird Game, Part 4

I have discovered that when a Sims household consists of three teenagers, but no parents, the family pet takes on the task of enforcing curfew.

You’re a good kitty, Tiger.

Meanwhile, in another household, Cheryl McCray is working on Stage 3 of the Painting aspiration. One of the tasks is “View or admire 3 paintings in a museum”. This may be the easiest tasks of any aspiration. All you have to do is send your Sim to a museum, click on a painting, and select “View”. Then, repeat that with two other paintings. It can be completed in an afternoon (game time), and requires no special skills.

For Cheryl, things got a little more complicated. She’s a five star celebrity, and as soon as she walked into the museum, she was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. She couldn’t concentrate on a single painting. I had her pose for photos, sign autographs, and then I had to send her home, with the task not even started.

I had Cheryl put on a “celebrity disguise” – actually, just a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap combined with her normal outfits. Then I sent her back to the museum. The public was completely fooled. She was able to view three painting without anyone recognizing her.

(Now I’m wondering what would happen if a Sim’s normal outfit always included sunglasses and a baseball cap. Would fans still be fooled?)

Next, I decided to try an experiment. I sent Chery home, had her remove her celebrity disguise, and then had her change into a full-body raccoon costume. I sent her back to the museum.

Cheryl was mobbed by fans and paparazzi, who instantly recognized her.

Sunglasses and a baseball cap fool the fans. A raccoon costume does not.

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