No One Said University Was Going To Be Easy

Otis Tucker signed up for a second term at the University of Britechester. He took two Drama requirements and an elective named “Advanced Shower Singing.”

He remained in the same dorm room, but was joined by two new roommates: Emilia and Rowan.

Rowan Anaya seemed like a friendly, easygoing Sim. He was majoring in Communications. Otis and Rowan got along well, but there wasn’t a strong connection between them.

Otis and Rowan

Otis and Rowan

Emilia Lara seemed friendly, too. She was majoring in Computer Science. She had a lot of school spirit. There wasn’t a strong connection between Otis and Emilia, either.

Otis and Emilia


(The reason I’m pointing out Sims’ majors is that when I sent Alexis Baker to University, I hadn’t discovered that “Ask about degree” was a menu option.)

Otis was saddened to discover that neither Terri Choi nor Ali Gomes were staying in Wyvern Hall that term.

Otis had saved up nearly 30,000 simoleons from his former Tech career before he enrolled in University. His barista job was more than covering the daily cost of University. He was doing well, financially. He was a rich kid with scholarships. So, at the start of this term, he bought a fridge and microwave for his dorm room.

New Fridge and Microwave

Otis had a difficult schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He worked as a barista from 5 AM to 7 AM. Then he had “Advanced Shower Singing” from 11:00 to 12:25. Then he had “Taming of the Crew” from 1:30 to 2:55. There was no time, really, to nap, shower, eat, and work on homework between classes. To make the situation worse, his two classes where on different sides of the quad.

On Tuesday evening, the day before term started, Otis was beginning to do his homework when he received a call from Terri Choi. Would he like to go on a date with her at Chez Llama? Of course, Otis immediately hopped on a train to Newcrest.

It was a strange date. Although Otis flirted with Terri often, and she seemed pleased with his advances, she brushed him off whenever he tried anything bolder. Their Romance bars didn’t even reach a quarter full. Had he misunderstood what Terri had meant by a “date”? He went home that night feeling confused.

Date with Terri

Otis went to his classes the next day, the first day of term, with homework in one class 50% completed and only 25% completed in the other.

Busy Class Schedule

Then Otis Tucker’s life became even more complicated. Frank Spencer, a History major staying in Wyvern Hall, began flirting with Otis. This was not a romantic path that Otis had considered following. So far, he hasn’t turned Frank away.

Otis and Frank

Frank and Otis

Otis also found time to hang out with Ali.

Hangin out with Ali

Having a mid-term weekend worked out well for Otis. It gave him plenty of time to write and edit a term paper, as well as study for two final exams.

Otis Term Paper

The weekend gave Otis plenty of time for fun, too.

Skinnydippin with Terri

Skinnydippin with Frank

Skinnydippin with Ali

Then, as if to prove to me that Discover University isn’t so easy after all, Otis Tucker received his final grades:

Comedic Errors: C-
Taming of the Crew: A+
Advanced Shower Singing: B-

His GPA has dropped to A-.

Sad Otis

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