I Found A Clock

When I lived alone in an apartment at the southern base of Queen Anne Hill, I used to take solitary walks up and around the hill. I’d follow random paths, just to see what I’d find.

I’d lived there for nearly a year when I discovered that the Queen Anne Library was not too far from me. In all those random walks I’d taken, I’d never seen this library. I realized that my random walks weren’t so random after all. I was shocked to discover that.

That was how I felt when I went hunting for Valarie’s other clock this evening.

I knew I’d seen it, but I couldn’t quite picture it in my mind. I knew it was on 4th Avenue, between Pike and Pine, on the west side of the street, but that’s all I knew for sure.

I rode a RapidRide D up 3rd Avenue after work, and exited at the stop between Pike and Pine. I wondered which way I should turn. Is the clock closer to Pike, or closer to Pine? I walked up Pike to 4th.

The clock was closer to Pine. I walked the length of the block, realizing that I hardly ever walk here. I’d been in Westlake Park, across the street, many, many times, but I’d never had much reason to walk on the west side of the block. I used to go to Century Square when Borders was there, but even then, my paths never took me farther north up the block.

I found the clock. It was under the shade of some trees. The lighting was great. I took a couple of photos – one from several feet away to show the clock’s surrounding, and one close up, to show the clock’s details.

An entrance to Westlake Station was right around the corner, so I rode Link home.

When I got home, I sent the photos to Valarie.

The other clock is still wrapped in plywood.

I wonder how many other blocks in Downtown I’ve never walked down.

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