Laundry Room Tour

I am loving the new “Laundry Day” pack for The Sims 4. I’m enjoying all the variety built into the simply act of a sim doing their laundry. I also like (I guess) that there’s a new way for a sim to die. This pack has added a whole new level of unreal-realism to this game.

I especially like the fact that this new pack will change the game only as much as you want it to. If you add a washing machine to a lot, the sims living there will have to do laundry. If a lot doesn’t have a washing machine, they won’t. I think the programmers did an excellent job with this one.

I’d love to be able to build a laundromat, but I understand that that isn’t possible.

When I bought the pack, on the day it became available, the first question I had was: Where do I put these machines? I’m currently playing several households, in houses I’ve built, in houses that came with the game, in remodeled game houses, and apartments. None of these homes had laundry rooms.

But the need for creativity is what I love about The Sims 4.

Spouses Felicia and Jonas live in a house I built on Potters Splay, in Willow Creek. They discovered they had just enough room on the back porch for a washer and dryer, without any remodeling. Their daughter Agnes, although still a child, shows great responsibility and does the laundry without being asked to.

Potters Splay

Also in Willow Creek, siblings Serenity and Irving live in an extensively remodeled house on Daisy Hovel. (A second story and a basement was added.) When their parents were still alive, the house was overcrowded, and Serenity moved a bed into the basement. She still sleeps there, but she now shares the space with a washer and dryer.

Daisy Hovel

Vampire spouses Daryl and Alexander persuaded Alexander’s family to move out of the old Goth Mansion, in Willow Creek, so they could move in. (Daryl is quite charming and the Goths will do anything for their son-in-law.) They kept the place pretty much as it was, although they did add a rooftop deck (for night use only) as well as two levels of massive, labyrinthine basements. It was a simple matter to find some unused space in the creepy sub-basement for a laundry area. There’s a karaoke machine around the corner, for passing the time while the washings being done.

Goth Mansion

Tanvi and her daughter Siya live in the pre-existing house on the Domus Familiaris lot in Brindleton Bay. They’ve done some work to the yard, but have kept the house as it was when they moved in. There was just enough room for a washing machine in the kitchen, so they dry their clothes on a line in the back yard.

Domus Familiaris1

Domus Familiaris2

The Hollows household lives in a house I built on the Dachshund’s Creek lot in Brindleton Bay. It’s quite a large house, with plenty of space to add a laundry room. The most logical option, however, seemed to be to remove the first-floor closet beneath the stair and convert that space. It was eventually discovered that the closet could remain in place. Once a door was added, there was space behind the closet to stack the washer and dryer.

Dachshunds Creek1

Dachshunds Creek2

Finding room for this new laundry equipment turned out to be not much work at all. Neither of my apartment-dwelling households have laundry equipment. I imagine they go to some San Myshuno laundromat only they know about.

Welcome To Bixby

At the very beginning of the city of Bixby, I decided to avoid the traffic backups which always seem to happen where a freeway meets a city. I built a roundabout. Working on the theory that more road surface holds more traffic, I built a huge, enormous roundabout. It created a majestic entrance for visitors to this arctic city.

It also, unfortunately, divided the citizens of Bixby, so I added local roads up and over the roundabout. As traffic built up on those elevated connector roads, I added a second, elevated roundabout within the enormous roundabout. I think it’s quite pretty, but, more importantly, it works very well. Traffic flows smoothly, even when newly built neighborhoods bring an influx of new citizens.


The double roundabout worked so well that I decided to rebuild the freeway interchange with the same theory that more road surfaces hold more traffic. I added feeder lanes outside of the freeway, so that if traffic ever does jam along the off-ramps, the feeder lanes will be effected before the main freeway. Because I wanted room for the existing rail line to bridge over the freeway, I built tunnel ramps to the freeway, rather than overpasses. This, too, is working rather well, except that the feeder lanes between the off-ramps and on-ramps never get used. (I may re-think this design later. Moving the ramps closer to each other seems like a good idea right now.)

Freeway Interchange

The downside to all this preemptive roadwork, built so early in the city’s growth, is that it cost a lot of money at a time when Bixby hadn’t yet established a strong tax base. The city was frequently existing with a negative balance, and taking out loans as often as it could, while citizens begged for schools and fire stations.

Bixby survived its early financial troubles, however. It’s becoming a thriving city, nestled in a perpetually snow-covered valley.  The traffic in and out of the city is moving well, despite having only the one freeway interchange.


Water Consolidation In Dos Patos

The neighborhoods surrounding Duck Bay, in the city of Dos Patos, are residential, with some commercial shops. When the city was smaller, the beach land of Duck Bay was taken over by water pumps and sewage outlet pipes, simply because there was nowhere else to put them. Sewage poured into Duck Bay. As Dos Patos grew, its outlet pipes were replaced with eco-friendly sewage treatment plants. The water of Duck Bay became cleaner, but the residences’ view of the bay was blocked by unsightly pumps and treatment plants. As the population of Dos Platos grew, so did its demand for water. More pumps and treatment plants were added, and Duck Bay lost more of its beach. Citizens had a small beach area, with a boat museum and a fishing pier, but they wanted more. They wanted to enjoy Duck Bay.

Sewage Teatment

Sewage treatment plants on the beach

The City of Dos Patos took action. It overhauled its water system in a big way.

First, the city dug a u-shaped canal east of Duck Bay and lined it with the water pumps which were relocated from the beach.

Pump Center

A more compact arrangement

A similar technique was employed for the city’s sewage. A canal was dug along the waterfront next to Dos Patos Regional Airfield, west of Duck Bay. The treatment plants were relocated along the sides of the canal, and pipes were rerouted.

Sewage Center

Landscaping is scheduled

It was a time-consuming and expensive public works project, but citizens are happy with the newly reclaimed beach. A redesigned waterfront, with parks and trails, is underway.

Duck Bay Beach

It needs benches

Fun With Libby

I’m currently reading a library book on my phone, with the Libby by Overdrive app. It’s a large novel with a lot of philosophy going on in it. It’s taking me forever to read it.

On Saturday, I had over 400 ePages to go. The eBook was due back in 4 days. I didn’t think I would be able to finish it in time, so I decided to renew my loan. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day.

On Sunday, the book was due back in 3 days. I tried to renew it. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day. Guessing that it was measuring days by the time I checked it out, I tried later in the day. I still had 1 day until I’d be able to renew.

(I wonder now, as I write this post, if it didn’t count Saturday as a day, since the physical libraries were closed.)

This morning, the book was due back in 2 days. I tried to renew it. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day. I tried again during my mid-morning break. There was a big red button that said “Renew”. I clicked it. The app told me I couldn’t renew it. It offered me two option: Place a hold on the eBook, or return it to the library. I placed a hold.

I was number 1 in line for the hold. There was 1 copy, and it was currently borrowed.

Of course, that one copy was borrowed by me. As soon as my loan expires, my hold will begin.

I returned the book two days early. A little while later, it was back on my phone for another 20 days. And the app somehow knew what page I’d left off at. Libby by Overdrive may be weird at times, but it’s also pretty awesome.

The Francine Mystery

No one knows where Francine Cha came from.

Francine offers no clues to her past, and evades all questions about it.

Young Fancine

Francine Cha

A persistent rumor says that Francine Cha was adopted as a teenager by Patty Holmes and Martha Unger, and that she grew up in a house in Newcrest. Francine was single until, after a single date (her first date ever), she married their next door neighbor, Frank Redding – so says the rumor.


Patty Holmes, despite outliving Martha, and at least two other spouses, cannot be found. No one knows what became of Frank Redding. The Grim Reaper has a strict code of confidentiality, so death can be neither confirmed nor discounted. The house that Francine Cha allegedly grew up in does not exist.

If the rumor is to believed, Francine Cha seems to have simply disappeared around the same time as Patty Holmes and Frank Redding.

Francine and Frank

Francine and Frank

Years later, a teenager named Aquarius Burke answered a “Roommate Wanted” ad, and moved into a tiny San Myshuno apartment with a teenager named Francine Cha. Having never heard the Newcrest rumor, Aquarius found nothing odd in the existence of this young Francine.

Aquarius and Francine

Aquarius and Francine


Their first apartment

Aquarius’ parents had heard the rumor, however, and were concerned enough for their son’s safety, that they launched a police investigation into the background of Francine Cha.


The police later released an official statement: “Ms Cha’s evasiveness is concerning, but we have been unable to find conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. We have found evidence that a Ms Holmes and a Mr. Redding did, in fact, exist at some point. As we are all well aware, it is not unheard of for sims, or entire buildings, to disappear without explanation. It just happens. As expected, The Grim Reaper has not returned our calls regarding this investigation. We have uncovered screenshots which suggest that a house, matching the description of the rumor, did exist in Newcrest, and that a sim matching the description of the subject of this investigation lived there. That sim, however, was an elder at the time of what we’re calling ‘The Newcrest Incident’. We can therefore conclude that we have been investigating two different sims.”

The police report contained an addendum which stated that Francine Cha (Aquarius Burke’s roommate) is good friends with a sim named Daryl Robards, and are frequently seen in public together. Daryl, coincidentally (or not), is also rumored to have disappeared at the time of The Newcrest Incident.

Francine and Daryl

Daryl and Francine

Francine Cha and Aquarius Burke were both socially awkward loners. They existed well enough together as roommates in their cramped apartment. Then, after a short romance, and a date or two, Francine and Aquarius surprised everyone by getting married. They moved to a bigger apartment and raised a family.



Francine Cha outlived Aquarius. She outlived their three children. She has, so far, outlived two of her following three spouses.


Sims once wondered if Patty Holmes was going to live forever. That made her disappearance so much more mysterious. It now appears as if Francine Cha is going to live forever.

There are those who still believe that that the elder named Francine Cha who disappeared in Newcrest and the teenager named Francine Cha who appeared in San Myshuno are the same sim. No one has come up with a plausible explanation for the age reversal, however. There is a fringe theory out there that Patty’s and Francine’s longevity are somehow linked.

Patty and Francine

Patty and Francine

Francine Cha is the only sim who knows the truth.

Old Francine

Francine Cha