Water Consolidation In Dos Patos

The neighborhoods surrounding Duck Bay, in the city of Dos Patos, are residential, with some commercial shops. When the city was smaller, the beach land of Duck Bay was taken over by water pumps and sewage outlet pipes, simply because there was nowhere else to put them. Sewage poured into Duck Bay. As Dos Patos grew, its outlet pipes were replaced with eco-friendly sewage treatment plants. The water of Duck Bay became cleaner, but the residences’ view of the bay was blocked by unsightly pumps and treatment plants. As the population of Dos Platos grew, so did its demand for water. More pumps and treatment plants were added, and Duck Bay lost more of its beach. Citizens had a small beach area, with a boat museum and a fishing pier, but they wanted more. They wanted to enjoy Duck Bay.

Sewage Teatment

Sewage treatment plants on the beach

The City of Dos Patos took action. It overhauled its water system in a big way.

First, the city dug a u-shaped canal east of Duck Bay and lined it with the water pumps which were relocated from the beach.

Pump Center

A more compact arrangement

A similar technique was employed for the city’s sewage. A canal was dug along the waterfront next to Dos Patos Regional Airfield, west of Duck Bay. The treatment plants were relocated along the sides of the canal, and pipes were rerouted.

Sewage Center

Landscaping is scheduled

It was a time-consuming and expensive public works project, but citizens are happy with the newly reclaimed beach. A redesigned waterfront, with parks and trails, is underway.

Duck Bay Beach

It needs benches

Fun With Libby

I’m currently reading a library book on my phone, with the Libby by Overdrive app. It’s a large novel with a lot of philosophy going on in it. It’s taking me forever to read it.

On Saturday, I had over 400 ePages to go. The eBook was due back in 4 days. I didn’t think I would be able to finish it in time, so I decided to renew my loan. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day.

On Sunday, the book was due back in 3 days. I tried to renew it. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day. Guessing that it was measuring days by the time I checked it out, I tried later in the day. I still had 1 day until I’d be able to renew.

(I wonder now, as I write this post, if it didn’t count Saturday as a day, since the physical libraries were closed.)

This morning, the book was due back in 2 days. I tried to renew it. The app told me it was too soon to renew, and that I’d be able to renew in 1 day. I tried again during my mid-morning break. There was a big red button that said “Renew”. I clicked it. The app told me I couldn’t renew it. It offered me two option: Place a hold on the eBook, or return it to the library. I placed a hold.

I was number 1 in line for the hold. There was 1 copy, and it was currently borrowed.

Of course, that one copy was borrowed by me. As soon as my loan expires, my hold will begin.

I returned the book two days early. A little while later, it was back on my phone for another 20 days. And the app somehow knew what page I’d left off at. Libby by Overdrive may be weird at times, but it’s also pretty awesome.

The Francine Mystery

No one knows where Francine Cha came from.

Francine offers no clues to her past, and evades all questions about it.

Young Fancine

Francine Cha

A persistent rumor says that Francine Cha was adopted as a teenager by Patty Holmes and Martha Unger, and that she grew up in a house in Newcrest. Francine was single until, after a single date (her first date ever), she married their next door neighbor, Frank Redding – so says the rumor.


Patty Holmes, despite outliving Martha, and at least two other spouses, cannot be found. No one knows what became of Frank Redding. The Grim Reaper has a strict code of confidentiality, so death can be neither confirmed nor discounted. The house that Francine Cha allegedly grew up in does not exist.

If the rumor is to believed, Francine Cha seems to have simply disappeared around the same time as Patty Holmes and Frank Redding.

Francine and Frank

Francine and Frank

Years later, a teenager named Aquarius Burke answered a “Roommate Wanted” ad, and moved into a tiny San Myshuno apartment with a teenager named Francine Cha. Having never heard the Newcrest rumor, Aquarius found nothing odd in the existence of this young Francine.

Aquarius and Francine

Aquarius and Francine


Their first apartment

Aquarius’ parents had heard the rumor, however, and were concerned enough for their son’s safety, that they launched a police investigation into the background of Francine Cha.


The police later released an official statement: “Ms Cha’s evasiveness is concerning, but we have been unable to find conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. We have found evidence that a Ms Holmes and a Mr. Redding did, in fact, exist at some point. As we are all well aware, it is not unheard of for sims, or entire buildings, to disappear without explanation. It just happens. As expected, The Grim Reaper has not returned our calls regarding this investigation. We have uncovered screenshots which suggest that a house, matching the description of the rumor, did exist in Newcrest, and that a sim matching the description of the subject of this investigation lived there. That sim, however, was an elder at the time of what we’re calling ‘The Newcrest Incident’. We can therefore conclude that we have been investigating two different sims.”

The police report contained an addendum which stated that Francine Cha (Aquarius Burke’s roommate) is good friends with a sim named Daryl Robards, and are frequently seen in public together. Daryl, coincidentally (or not), is also rumored to have disappeared at the time of The Newcrest Incident.

Francine and Daryl

Daryl and Francine

Francine Cha and Aquarius Burke were both socially awkward loners. They existed well enough together as roommates in their cramped apartment. Then, after a short romance, and a date or two, Francine and Aquarius surprised everyone by getting married. They moved to a bigger apartment and raised a family.



Francine Cha outlived Aquarius. She outlived their three children. She has, so far, outlived two of her following three spouses.


Sims once wondered if Patty Holmes was going to live forever. That made her disappearance so much more mysterious. It now appears as if Francine Cha is going to live forever.

There are those who still believe that that the elder named Francine Cha who disappeared in Newcrest and the teenager named Francine Cha who appeared in San Myshuno are the same sim. No one has come up with a plausible explanation for the age reversal, however. There is a fringe theory out there that Patty’s and Francine’s longevity are somehow linked.

Patty and Francine

Patty and Francine

Francine Cha is the only sim who knows the truth.

Old Francine

Francine Cha

Sims And A Submarine

At work today, I listened to a just-published video from The Sims VIP. The video detailed a new patch for The Sims 4, just released today.

Later in the afternoon, Phillip sent me a text message. He and a coworker were going to see the movie Thor: Ragnarok after work. (Phillip knows I’m feeling a little burned out on super hero movies.)

I decided to take the bus home. I got to 4th & Pike just as a 47 was leaving. So I caught an 11 a couple of minutes later and walked home from Olive Way.

As soon as I got home, I booted up the computer and started that patch going. It was going to be a three-hour download, at least.

So, while the download was going, I completed my Yellow Submarine Lego build. And I did some reading.

The new patch for The Sims 4 is related somewhat to the new Dogs & Cats DLC, just a few days away. I’m excited about it.

Let’s Take A Ride On The Dos Patos Monorail

Klondike Station

The Dos Patos Monorail, optimistically named Line 1, is currently the city’s only monorail line. It begins, and ends, at Klondike Station, in the farming community of Klondike Fields. The residents of the community have mixed opinions of the high-density growth near the station, which contrasts with the traditionally single-household houses of the farm workers.

Monorail and Highway

The monorail travels alongside Highway 1, the only other passenger connection between Klondike Fields and the rest of Dos Patos.

Highway Crossing

The monorail crosses over the highway, descends to the shoreline of Duck Bay, and continues into the metropolis of Dos Patos.

Duck Bay Station

The next stop is Duck Bay Station, across the road from The Boat Museum and a public beach.

Sewage Teatment

The monorail provides a visual barrier between the sewage treatment plants and the nearby neighborhoods.

Monorail and Stadium

The monorail passes by, but does not stop at, Dos Patos Stadium. The football stadium is already connected to frequent train, trolley, and metro service.

Freeway Station

The next stop is Freeway Station, where passengers can transfer to a metro to Dos Patos Stadium, or to a train to the city’s popular concert center. As this area grows, additional train and monorail lines may connect to this transit hub.

Freeway Crossing

The monorail crosses the freeway and enters an area ripe for growth.

Starr Institute

The final stop is Starr Station, in the center of the Starr Institute’s office complex. Then, of course, the line heads back toward Klondike Fields.

Thank you for riding the Dos Patos Monorail.

Welcome To Dos Patos

Dos Patos is a city situated between hills and water.

Dos Platos


Its timber industry provides sustainable income and employment for Dos Patos, while the gleaming towers of the city’s tech companies keep the office workers busy.


The remote farming community of Klondike Fields was struggling, until its business owners got together and made a commitment to organic, locally produced goods. Now there is such a high demand for farm workers that Klondike Fields must make a decision for its housing: sprawl or high-density?

Klondike Fields

Dos Patos is a green city. It produces power from wind, geothermal, and solar plants. It has several neighborhoods of self-sustaining housing and eco-friendly buildings. Many of its citizens travel in biodiesel buses or electric cars. Its network of trains, monorails, and trolleys run on sustainable electricity.

Green Neighborhood

Green Building

Dos Patos is growing into a major metropolis. Its skyline is constantly changing.


How I Became A YouTube Fanatic

I have a job that requires me to sit at a desk for long periods of time, inputting data into a computer, with no human interaction. (I quite like my job.) I used to listen to music on my iPod Shuffle as I worked. (I still do listen to my iPod occasionally, even now.)

Every once in a while, I’d get tired of the same old music on my playlist, and I’d seek out new music on YouTube. When our laptop (the one with iTunes installed on it) lost its Clear internet connection, and I got tired of carrying the laptop over to the library or to Top Pot, I wasn’t adding any new songs to my iPod. I began using my iPod less often at work, and listening to music on YouTube more.

Eventually, I learned that there’s more than music on YouTube. I found old TV shows, travel videos, science programs, and video gaming channels. I discovered a YouTube channel run by a guy called Keralis. Among other things, he’d play Euro Truck Simulator. These videos were perfect for listening to while inputting data. It was just 40 to 60 minutes of a simulated truck driving down a simulated freeway, while Keralis talked about life in general. I didn’t have to pay attention – I could just listen. (Keralis, who now earns a living from making YouTube videos, was born in Poland, but now lives in Sweden. He won’t reveal his real name, but he has shown his viewers exactly where he lives, which – I would learn later – is exactly the opposite of how YouTubers tend to operate.) Keralis played other computer games as well, but it was his Euro Truck Simulator videos that I kept coming back to.

After a while, I began listening to YouTube videos of games I actually played, namely Kerbal Space Program, Cities: Skylines, and The Sims 4, even if they weren’t played by Keralis. My iPod Shuffle was rapidly losing its popularity with me.

Then I bought my first smart phone. A smart phones needs apps to actually be a smart phone, and, for an Android phone, downloading apps requires a Google account. And my Google account gave me a YouTube account.

With my YouTube account, I began officially Liking the videos I liked. I officially subscribed to Keralis’ channel. I subscribed to a few other channels I enjoyed. I got notifications whenever new videos had been uploaded to the channels I’d subscribed to.

I put a link to YouTube on my browser at home, so I could actually watch the videos I’d listened to at work. YouTube became my new television.

I became a YouTube fanatic.

Watching YouTube videos can, and often does, lead me to unexpected places. Sometimes the videos on the sidebar would relate to the video I was playing. Sometimes they would be videos I’d played in the past. Sometimes they seem to be unrelated to anything.

Somehow, I found a YouTube channel named Texan in Tokyo. (Or maybe it found me. I don’t remember.) It was a channel of day-in-the-life style videos of a couple living in Japan. Grace was the Texan. Ryosuke was native Japanese. I was fascinated. I’d never seen videos like these. I wanted to subscribe to their channel. Unfortunately, I discovered Texan in Tokyo right after Grace and Ryosuke decided to leave YouTube. I wrote about my discovery here. Fortunately, they left their channel, and all its videos, online.

I discovered that Texan in Tokyo was not unique. There’s a whole genre of “foreigners living in Japan” YouTube channels out there. There’s a lot of cross-promotion that goes on, too. (“Hello, everyone. Today I’m visiting Tokyo Tower with my friend Rachel, from Rachel and Jun. You can find a link to her channel below.”)

I love these “my life in Japan” video channels. (I’m sure there are channels by ex-pats in other countries, too, but I haven’t yet discovered the right search term to find them.) There are a lot of them out there, some I haven’t yet investigated, some I don’t especially care for, but here are my current favorites.

Rachel and Jun: Rachel is from America. Jun is Japanese. Their videos are mostly about their home life. (Jun has a cooking channel of his own.) Occasionally, they will make videos of their travels around Japan (mostly sponsored by travel companies). They make humorous “how to live in Japan” and “the differences between America and Japan” videos.

Tokidoki Traveller: Emma is a single woman from Australia, living on her own in Tokyo. She does freelance modeling, and other freelance work. There’s no telling how much longer she’ll be in Japan. Her videos are very personal stories of her life and adventures in Japan.

The Uwaga Pies: Kris is Polish. Kasia was born in America, with Polish parents. They met in Japan. Their earlier videos were about the street life and parties in Tokyo. They’ve broadened their subject matter somewhat. (Some of their videos are in Polish.) I have never seen either of them cook – in many ways The Uwaga Pies is the opposite of Rachel and Jun.

I discovered Rachel and Jun from Texan in Tokyo. I discovered Tokidoki Traveller from a random video about tiny apartments in Japan. (It was Emma’s apartment.) I discovered The Uwaga Pies from Tokidoki Traveller.

An interesting thing happened recently. I was listening to a series of videos from The Uwaga Pies about a vacation Kris and Kasia took to Okinawa. They went with several other people, including Rachel and Jun. They all stayed in a large hotel room. Kasia gave us a tour of the hotel room.

Later, I became curious about what Rachel and Jun had covered about that same vacation. In one part, Rachel gave us a tour of their large hotel room. As she passed the bathroom, I could see (and hear) Kasia giving her tour of the hotel room.

Back when we still had cable TV, there were a few reality shows I would tune into. Even though I knew they were scripted, they were, at least, close to reality. These “life in Japan” videos are giving me what I was trying to find on television. I was thinking about this today.

Level 3 Achieved

So, it seems, the secret to having popular concerts in Cities:Skylines is: High Ticket Prices.


Just before the upgrade

I suppose the reasoning is something along the lines of: “Wow, these tickets are expensive! NESTOR must be awesome!” But I don’t know.

The other thing I discovered is that adjusting settings doesn’t have an immediate effect, because a band’s popularity doesn’t change until right after a concert ends. That makes sense.

Level 3

The Music Center festival area hosted 18 concerts, had one sold-old show, and a band gained a popularity of 85. Moonlight Fields now has a level 3 festival area, with an audience capacity of 1,000.