The 47 bus didn’t show up this morning, again. I didn’t receive a text alert about it, again.

I walked up and over to Olive Way, and just missed a 10 bus. OneBusAway told me I had a 10 minute wait for the next 10 bus. So, I continued walking up to Capitol Hill Station, and rode Link light rail to work. I got to work on time, as always.

When I boarded Link, a guy was getting a lecture from a Fare Inspector, because the guy didn’t have a ticket. The Fare Inspector also gave the guy directions on how to get to King Street Station.

I’ve filed a complain with Metro, again, about not being alerted when the 47 doesn’t show up.

The last time I filed a compliant, Metro told me the 47 hadn’t shown up because they had no available drivers. They also advised me to sign up for text alerts. This morning, in my complaint, I referenced both of those things.

I told Metro that there were about a dozen people at my stop this morning, relying on Metro to get them to work. I asked that the next time their drivers don’t bother showing up for work, at least let us know whether we should keep waiting or seek out another route, because we want to show up for work. I told them that I want this service repaired.

I told Metro that I’ve been signed up for text alerts for years. I’ve signed up for alerts for the 8, 10, 47, 49, 60, the streetcar, and light rail, and that I receive timely alerts for all of these – except the 47. I told them I want to know why I don’t receive alerts for the 47.

(I forgot about the 43 in my compliant – I also receive text alerts about it.)

My complaint this morning was angrier in tone than my previous one, but I was in a bad mood.

Another Snow Report

Today was a day of gaming in Everett. Kelly has decided that the game isn’t her thing, so her satyr has become an NPC. We were joined today by Lynn, who wanted to merely observe, but seemed interesting in joining, sometime in the future.


Brian cooked this ham.

PB lasagna

Joe made this peanut butter lasagna.

I’m not sure I fully grasp this game, but I’m having fun playing along. We have a great group of gamers.

These days, it seems like a post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without a snow report.

During our game, it started raining heavily, with snow mixed in. Google reported that it was 45 degrees outside. The snow wasn’t sticking to anything except deck furniture and some grass. Joe and Laurie’s ducks and chickens obviously weren’t enjoying it.

On our drive home, it started snowing, and sticking to our car’s windows, at Lynnwood. Farther south, the freeway started turning white. We exited at 175th Street, waving to our second library as we passed, and took surface streets the rest of the way home.

Starting in Maple Leaf, the snow started coming down hard. It was sticking, but not piling up.

Driving down Roosevelt Way NE, a pickup truck ahead of us tried to turn right onto NE Campus Parkway, but couldn’t stop, so it kept going across the University Bridge. The roads were getting slick. Phillip and I arrived at the same idea simultaneously: That it would be easier to go up Capitol Hill via 10th Avenue, rather than our usual route, the much steeper Belmont Avenue.

10th Avenue was slick, but the snow turned to rain, and the streets lost their slickness, right when 10th Avenue leveled off and merged into Broadway.

As we drove along Broadway, the snow on our roof and windshield began melting and chunks of snow slid down the windshield.

It was a fun day, and we made it home safely.



Snow, Here Or There

It started snowing on Capitol Hill last night. It wasn’t enough to cover much more than the grass, the tops of trees, and the tops of parked cars. Neither one of us seemed motivated to go outside and play in the snow. I don’t know if it was the measly amount of snow, or a feeling that the season was over, or what.

We woke up this morning to the same amount of snow. There wasn’t any more accumulation, nor had much melted away.

My office tends to close down in “inclement weather”. The same goes for Phillip’s office. I couldn’t imagine the amount of snow on Capitol Hill could close either office down, but Seattle is known for its microclimates. It could be snowing there, but not snowing here.

I went to the SDOT traffic web site – the “SDOT Travelers Home Page”, they call it. Traffic cameras showed bare streets in both Downtown and the U District. (Isn’t the internet wonderful?) Our offices would be open.

A coworker sent me a text message, asking if I’d heard whether our office would be open. Apparently, they had an inch or two of snow, south of Seattle. I sent them a screen shot of a traffic camera a few blocks from our office. Our office would be open, and we’d both be coming in on light rail. Neither one of us would be getting a snow day today.

Phillip left for work, heading up the hill to catch the 49. I left a few minutes later.

I didn’t trust the 47 to show up. (I can’t shake the feeling that Metro is still trying to kill that route, and will use any excuse to disrupt it.) So I walked up the hill, taking the less steep hills since sidewalks had patches of ice here and there, to Capitol Hill Station, and rode light rail to Downtown.

The streets were oddly empty when I left work this evening. I kept looking at my watch, checking to see if I was actually leaving work at the right time. I guessed that a lot of people had taken a snow day today.

I caught a 70 bus up 3rd Avenue, to the stop at 4th & Pike. OneBusAway told me a 47 was due in 2 minutes.

A trolley bus turned the corner from 3rd, into the bus stop. Its sign read “To Terminal”. The only time I see buses turn from 3rd like that, they turn out to be a 43. Except those 43 buses are always diesels.

The driver of that mystery bus sat at the stop, behind a 10, with the doors open. He was studying the schedule card intently.

Then he changed the bus signs to read: “47 To Summit”.

Obviously, that driver had come directly from the bus station as a last-minute addition to the 47 route. So, maybe, Metro cares about the 47 after all.

Sunday Blizzard

The weather forecasts called for snow in Seattle today. This morning, friends in the Everett area posted pictures of snow-covered yards. Every time I’d look out the window of our Capitol Hill apartment, I saw bare streets, sidewalks and trees.

We bought tickets to see Black Panther at the Regal Meridian 16, Downtown. We decided on the 2:15 showing, in 3D. At 9:00, the showing was sold out, except for the entire front row, exactly half of the second row, and one lone seat toward the back. We reserved two seats in the second row. The internet is wonderful.

We stepped out of our apartment this afternoon, and were greeted by a blizzard. Well, it was a blizzard in the sense that strong winds were blowing the snow sideways. And, it wasn’t a blizzard, since the snow wasn’t sticking to anything.

Around here, weather forecasts are usually correct.

We caught a 47 bus. When we reached Downtown, the snow had stopped, but it was bitterly cold.

Black Panther was amazing, thrilling, and wonderful.

After the movie, we browsed around All Saints (where we were sad to discover that they’d closed off their bottom floor) and Westlake Mall (where we were sad to discover that the entire top floor, where the food court used to be, is now a Saks 5th Avenue outlet store). Then we walked toward Veggie Grill for dinner.

I miss the Westlake Mall food court.

Before we got to Veggie Grill, we spotted a place named Yard House. We decided to give it a try.

Yard House was delicious and fun (150 beers on tap!), but a bit expensive for regular visits. It could be a nice treat every once in a while.

Yard House was less than a half-block from the bus stop at 4th & Pike. We’d just missed a 10 and a 49, but a 47 arrived in a couple of minutes. I don’t think I could have survived the cold and wind much longer than that.

It was a fun day.