Three Bikes

Phillip and I changed the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms this morning. Then we walked up the hill, played Pokémon Go, had lunch at The Deluxe, and went grocery shopping.

Along the way to The Deluxe, we saw a trio of bike riders. (I’m guessing they were a Mom, Dad, and adult Son.) They were riding together. One was on an Ofo share bike, one was on a Spin bike, and one was on a LimeBike. (Maybe they were doing some comparison riding, or maybe they just happened to find the three bikes parked together.)

I had breakfast at The Deluxe, while Phillip had lunch. We asked to be seated next to the fireplace,  and we were. Temperatures were in the mid-30s in our neighborhood.

I used to enjoy shopping at QFC. Now, I view it as something you just have to do sometimes. The store’s three levels are laid out in a way that I’m sure makes sense to marketing experts. It never has made sense to me. Tom’s Toothpaste is on a shelf away from all other toothpaste brands. Gallons of milk are in one corner, while quarts of milk are in the opposite corner of the store. Paper towels are on the upper level, next to laundry detergent, while toilet paper is on the middle level, between soup and tortilla chips. Or, it used to be. That’s the other thing: The layout of the store changes on a weekly basis. Drain cleaner used to be downstairs, in the hardware section. Then it was upstairs, where paper towels used to be. The next time we need to unclog a drain, it’ll be somewhere else (probably next to the olive bar).

QFC was very busy today.

Outside of the library, a stranger wished us a Happy Holidays.

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