It was cloudy and cool when I walked up the hill to Writers’ Group. It felt like it might rain at any moment. It was nice.

Russ was not there today. Neither was Bernice. It was just Mariah, Barbara, Don, and me.

I was up late last night, writing part 3. I didn’t finish it. So it was just parts 1 and 2 today. Everyone there had heard them before, but not with the new revisions. I think they got good reactions.

When I arrived, I told everyone that I needed to leave before four o’clock. My friend Jaime and her husband Bjorn were performing Shakespeare in Volunteer Park (which is very close to Barbara and Don’s place).

Writers’ Group broke up at three, the clouds had burned away, and I walked over to Volunteer Park.I sent Phillip a text message, inviting him to join me. He replied that it was too hot for a visit to the park.

I had time to wander around the park a while before the show. It was hot, but there is plenty of shade in Volunteer Park. I saw part of another Shakespeare performance – “The Two Noble Kinsmen” – and had a hot dog.

The show I was there to see was called “To Be or Not TV”, and it was a whole lot of fun. Shakespeare’s characters were put into classic TV settings – The Dating Game, The Jerry Springer Show, The Match Game, a commercial for Lady Macbeth’s Spot Remover, and so on. There was a terrific mash-up with William Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll.

I got to say hello to Jaime, and meet Bjorn, after the show. Then I walked home.

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